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June is a 30-day month beginning on Wednesday, June 1st, and ending on Thursday, June 30th.  Non-paid holidays in May include Father’s Day on June 19th.          Line averages are lower than May.  In the domestic package most crew complements are around 75 hours and 78 hours in the international package. Line averages range from 78:07 in the International FA01 crew complement to 78:47 in the International FA05 crew complement.


International flying:  

Changes:   NRT—3X/week MO/TH/SA.  GIG-- 6x/week MO-SA/ daily beginning SU 27JUN.  UIO – Only one flight #1035 daily as a red-eye turn.


NRT— 3X/week MO/TH/SA.  LHR-- daily. AMS—daily.  FRA— daily.  MUC –daily.  LIM—daily.   GRU-- daily.  GIG—6X/week MO--SA.  SCL—daily.  EZE—daily.  

UIO—daily.  BOG—2 flights daily.


Flying in most International crew complements required substantial mixing of destinations due to the quotas (more FA’s) and subsequent lower line averages (78 hours) from May.


Domestic flying: Overall line average in domestic is approximately 75 hours.  Total one-day trip line holder positions represent 17% of domestic positions, about the same as May.  Including all night-turns., 22% this month vs 20% in May.  An increase in the percentage of all night/ red-eye lines/line holder positions this month, 25% of total domestic positions vs 21% in May.


IAH Line Holder numbers for June  2022  

                                                                              Change from May____           

Total INTL Positions               580                     +  40

Total DOM Positions               1410                       + 118

Total Positions                         1990                       + 158


IAH International Positions Breakdown

                                                                           Change from May      

International Purser        80                              +  04 

Line Holders                      404                              +  33

GER Language                 22                 no change

JPN Language                        8                              +  02

NLD Language                   6                          +  02

POR Language                 21                      no change

SPN Language                 39                               -- 01

Total INTL positions         580                               + 40


IAH Domestic Positions Breakdown___

                                                                     Change from May__              

Line Holders                        1353                         + 118

SPN Domestic                     57                  no change

Total Positions               1410                         + 118


AUS June 2022 Lines of Flying Summary

A total of 18 lines for 54 line-holders in the 03 FA crew complement with an average of 84:26.   A total of 7 lines in the 01 FA crew complement with an average of 79:15.  


AUS Line Holder numbers for June 2022

                                                      Change from May

AUS 03 FA  positions      54                            --  03

AUS 01 FA  positions         7                            +  01

Total FA positions           61                            --  02


Your AFA local schedule committee appreciates feedback and is happy to answer any questions you may have

regarding line construction. Feedback/inquiries can be sent to cwise@unitedafa.org.  A complete system-wide

scheduling report is available from the Central Schedule Committee (CSC) on the unitedafa.org website.  Below are

your AFA Council 42 schedule committee members.   


Cory Wise (chairperson)     Kim Hudak

Dawn Moragne                    Maria Mustafa



RESERVE summary for IAH and AUS


IAH June Reserve Summary

June is a 30-day month. Each reserve day is worth 4:20. All lines are built with 12 days off. We used patterns as best as possible to provide lines with the same days 4 on 3 off. Also 6-day block patterns and patterns to allow for long stretches of days off for those who like to pick up on days off. The company once again changed the targets for June making is harder to provide pure line patterns.


REG - 50 lines

                1 line has all weekends off.

                2 lines have 3 weekends off.

                2 lines have 2 weekends off.

                35 lines have 1 weekend off.

FSL - 7 lines. 1 line with weekends off.

SPN - 10 lines. 1 line with weekends off.

POR - 4 lines. 1 line with 3 weekends off.

GER - 2 lines. 1 line with weekends off.

JPN - 1 line. Line has weekends off.

NLD - 1 line. Line has 2 weekends off.



AUS June Reserve Summary

June is a 30-day month. Each reserve day is worth 4:20. All lines are built with 12 days off. Lines were built to ensure each line has 1 weekend off bases on feedback from the base. The company would not allow any line to have more that 4 days on in a row. 


REG - 3 lines. 1 line has weekends off.


If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions about reserve lines, please email DBannister@UnitedAFA.org.


In solidarity,


David Bannister                                                Brandi Neal

Council 42 Council Rep                                    Hotel Committee Chair

Reserve Committee Co-chair                           Reserve Committee Member



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