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LEC Reserve Meeting


December 6th, 2019

@ noon in the 


LEC 42 Meeting

January 2020

11:00 AM

Sleep Inn & Suites 

18150 McKay

Humble, TX 77338


Ladies and Gentlemen of Council 42:


Thank you for the fantastic involvement and energy that you all brought to our LEC Meeting last week.  If you were not there, we challenge you to come to our next meeting in January.  YOUR PERSONAL INVOLVEMENT is what we all will need as we begin negotiating our next contract.  WE want many changes in our next contract, and be assured that United Management has their list of "wants" as well. This is where EACH one of our Houston Flight Attendants must participate in the process by filling out the upcoming negotiations surveys, attending quarterly LEC Meetings, and voicing our collective priorities. We must remain focused on our shared goals, and not allow Management to divide our group.  All posts on Social Media are read by Management, and we need to protect our interests by keeping our Public Solidarity a Priority!  


We are facing a rise in violations of our contract, specifically regarding Corporate Security, Upper Management, and Section 23- Investigations and Grievances.  DO NOT HAVE ANY MEETING WITHOUT A REP!!  YOU have to stand up for your rights. Your leaders are insisting on adherence to our contract, every time and every day.

On a positive note, IAH base management has been stellar in their support of our members through all the problems we’ve encountered. They are taking their responsibilities seriously and following through with results. Following our Tropical Storm Imelda response, IAH Base Management stepped up to the plate and made all affected IAH Flight Attendant’s whole.  

 On behalf of our entire Council 42 Leadership Team,  I would like to thank our Houston Flight Attendants for your continued support and participation in our Union. We are Stronger Together, Better Together, and we are honored to Represent you. 


All My Best to You and Yours,




The December flight attendant schedule month is a 30 day month; November 30 through December 29.  There is a paid holiday on Wednesday, December 25th – Christmas.


Line averages are between 78:50 – 87:26

877 total domestic line holders, including 58 Spanish language positions.


Line average are between 81:21 – 87:57

697 total international line holders, including:

International Purser     81

Dutch language            11

German language         22

Japanese language        26

Portuguese language    42

International Spanish   70

Reserve lines for December:

December is a 30 day month with 5 full weekends and 1 paid holiday (Christmas).  Due to having 5 weekends, there are no lines with every weekend off. 4 lines have 4 weekends off, 8 lines have 2 weekends off and 18 lines have 1 weekend off. There is 1 line each-that have 4 Fridays, 4 Saturdays or 4 Sundays off.  With a 30 day month, we were able to return to true patterns.  4 on/3 off, 6 on/4 off and the pattern for 10 days off for those who like to pick up on days off.  4 lines have a 6 day off stretch, 3 lines have a 7 day off stretch, 2 lines have an 8 day off stretch and 1 line each –has a 9 or 10 day off stretch.

There are 13 lines with Christmas off.

Again, for December – the company would not allow any lines with more than 12 days off.  

For Purser and Language-

 The company required at least one line with 4 days on - starting Dec 24th , to ensure coverage on Christmas. This limited the days and patterns due to most languages having only 1 or 2 lines. We tried to have a line with as many weekends off as possible and also at least one line with Christmas off. For NLD, there is only 1 line for reserve, therefore we could not offer Christmas off.

Your AFA schedule committee appreciates feedback and is happy to answer questions you may have regarding line construction.  Feedback/inquiries can be sent to A complete system wide scheduling report is available from the Central Schedule Committee (CSC) on the website. Below are your AFA Council 42 schedule committee members.

Cory Wise (Chairperson)           Kim Hudak

Dawn Moragne                         Bettina Jordan

Nathan Mills                             Maria Mustafa

David Bannister (Reserve)