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LEC 42 Meeting

April 15th, 2020

11:00 AM

Sleep Inn & Suites 

18150 McKay

Humble, TX 77338


To the Wonderful, Hard Working Flight Attendants of Council 42:

WE HEAR YOU!  We want you to know that the Officers, Committee Chairs, Info Reps, and Volunteers that represent you are absolutely appalled at this current CCS Fiasco and the Company’s continued IT failures and never ending glitches.


Our flight attendants are unable to access CCS, unable to complete trades, unable to advertise or pick up trips, and these Glitches are COSTING US MONEY AND TIME!


As this is a system wide issue, we fully support the MEC grievance that is being filed. We want you to know that your elected leaders are demanding that action be taken to demonstrate to the Company that OUR FLIGHT ATTENDANTS DESERVE BETTER!


What can you do now?  Screen shot. Document everything. Fill out the LEC Worksheet at  We need your statements and  reports  to present  to the  Company.  After that, wait for directions on our next steps.


WE are in this together with you, and we will  STAND UP WITH YOU and ALONG SIDE YOU to defend our contract!


In Solidarity,


Elizabeth, Beth, Candace, David, Gina, Rene, and THE WOLF PACK OF 42 

IAH Negotiations Road Show

February 5th, 2020


Hyatt Regency Intercontinental

425 N Sam Houston Pkwy

Houston, TX 77060

AUS Negotiations Road Show

March 5th, 2020


Hyatt Place Airport

9532 Spirit of Austin Lane

Austin, TX 78719




The February flight attendant schedule month is a 31-day month, beginning Thursday January 30th and ending on Saturday, February 29th. Although line averages increased by approximately 3 hours in Domestic crew complements and the same amount in the International 01FA crew complements, the overall resulting in minimal lines in the 80:00 hour plus range.


Line averages are between 76:40—80:20 hours among crew complements.

Slight decrease in Turns/one day trips. Fewer 2 Day trips. Substantial increase in multi-day trips. All- night/red-eye flying similar to January. 



Line averages are between 79:44–-85:19 hours among the crew complements.

Base crew 5f’s was the same line average as last month at 79:43 resulting in similar mixing of destinations as in January, in order to get to our quota (FA numbers). Line average in the 01FA crew comp was 3 hours greater than January. While this helped somewhat, the average is not high enough to avoid lines being mixed destinations in order to reach our FA quota given to us by the company. The quotas/line averages of the Language crew comps ranged from 79:59 in SPN to 85:19 in NLD. 



GRU flights 62/63 transition from a 777Y to a 767S on February 1st.

SCL flights 847/846 transition from a 767S to a 767C on February 1st.


Line Holder numbers for February 2020:

                                                                 Change from January

International Positions            758                 -    11

Domestic Positions                 974                 + 109

Total Positions                      1732                 +   98


International Position Breakdown:     Change from January

International Purser                   90                 no change

Line holders                             483                -   10

Dutch language                         11                 no change

German language                      25                 +  03

Japanese language.                    29                 no change

Portuguese language                 46                 no change

Spanish language INTL            74                 -  04

Total International Positions   769                 -  11


Domestic Position Breakdown:       Change from January

Line holders                             915               + 112

Spanish language DOM             59               -    03

Total Domestic Positions         974               + 109



For flight attendants based in our new Austin satellite base, the first month will have 79 line-holders. This number DOES NOT include any VRL or reserve move-ups. We were given a quota of 23 lines (69 FAs) in the 3p’s FA crew complement with a line average of 80:04 and 10 lines (10 FAs) in the 01FA crew comp with a line average of 78:32. The make-up of the lines are as follows: 42% of FA positions are turn/one day trip lines, 53% of FA positions are 2-day trip lines and the remaining 5% of FA positions are multi-day trip lines. Overall distribution of the pairings was heavier in the last two weeks of the month making pure same day of week lines difficult to achieve. Pure every weekend off lines are approximately 16.5% of total FA positions.


Your AFA local schedule committee appreciates feedback and is happy to answer any questions you may have regarding line construction. Feedback/inquiries can be sent to A complete system-wide scheduling report is available from the Central Schedule Committee (CSC) on the website.  Below are your AFA Council 42 schedule committee members.   


Cory Wise (chairperson)     Kim Hudak

Dawn Moragne                   Bettina Jordan

Nathan Mills                       Maria Mustafa



Reserve lines for February:


February is a 31-day month with 4 full weekends and a half weekend (Friday/Saturday). We kept with patterns of 4 on and 3 off and 6 on and 4 off. This month to try and reduce the number of lines with 6 days on we didn't use any other patterns for the lines. Once again, the company allowed for lines with more than 12 days off. There are 4 lines with 13 days off, 2 lines with 14 days off, and 1 line each with 15 and 16 days off. The extra days allowed us to provide 1 line with all weekends and the half weekend off. There are 4 lines with all full weekends off, 4 lines with 2 weekends off and 17 lines with 1 weekend off. There are at least 2 lines with 4 Fridays off and at least 2 lines with all Sundays off. One line has 3 Saturdays off and 1 line that has every Friday and Saturday off. 

For the language bases that have 2 lines (JPN, POR, GER) there is one line with weekends off and 1 line with 13 days off. For the language and purser bases with only 1 line (FSL, NLD) we tried to give at least 1 weekend off. The company requires weekend coverage. For the SPN base there are two lines  more than 12 days off,  one with 13 days off and one with 14 days off. 

You can provide feedback on the reserve lines by emailing


Welcome to our Austin satellite base. For reserve lines there are only 4 lines provided for by the company. We gave 1 line with weekends off and then tried to keep patterns of days off that matched the company's targets. There is 1 line with 13 days off. With only 4 lines available we didn't have many options to provide true patterns. Please provide feedback for reserve lines to




David Bannister

Candace Mills

Brandi Neal