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IAH Scheduling Committee Update – December 2022 

Subject to Change


The December schedule month is 30-days from 11/30-12/29.  One paid holiday, Christmas Day, December 25th.


The domestic line average range is 75:47- 76:13 hours across the FA01/FA02/FA03 crew complements. The line averages for international lines are: 85:52 hours for the FA05 lines and 80:23 for the 1-position lines. There was mixing required to meet the company quota, especially in the FA01 lines, due to a mid-month aircraft up gage from a 737 to 757 in both the BOG and UIO flights and from SYD beginning daily also mid-month. LQ line averages range from 82:22 to 90:09 hours, depending on the language. 


AUS has 15 FA03 lines at 86:31-hour average and 5 FA01 lines at 80:53-hour average for a total of 50 line-holders, one less FA line holder than in November.


December IAH primary line holder position counts and changes from November lines:

Domestic (non-LQ) 1325 +105

International (non-purser) 451–2

Purser (FSL international)80 –7

NLD LQ 11 +1

JPN LQ 18 –1

GER LQ 26 --2

POR LQ 28 –1

SPN Intl. LQ 49 –6

SPN DOM LQ 55 –9

Total 1643 +78


Your AFA local schedule committee appreciates feedback and is happy to answer any questions you may have regarding line construction. Feedback/inquiries can be sent to  A complete system-wide scheduling report is available from the Central Schedule Committee (CSC) at  Below are your AFA Council 42 schedule committee members.   


Cory Wise (chairperson)     Kim Hudak           Kapiolani Lopez

Dawn Moragne                    Maria Mustafa



December is a 30-day month. The value of each reserve day is 4:20. All lines were built with 12 days off. All bases have at least 1 weekend off line with the exception of NLD. We tried to give as many lines Christmas Day off as possible. Don’t forget that the Christmas wish list runs for 3 days before and 2 days after Christmas Day. Information on the Christmas Wish List can be found in the Reserve Survival Guide and on Flying Together.


IAH REG - 50 lines

FSL - 6 lines

SPN - 10 lines

POR - 4 lines

GER - 2 lines

JPN - 2 lines

NLD - 1 line

AUS - 3 lines

Austin reserve lines have 1 line with weekends off. The other 2 lines have 1 weekend off each at the request of the base.


If you have any questions or suggestions about reserve lines, please email

In solidarity,


David Bannister                                                    Brandi Neal

Council 42 Council Rep                                        Hotel Committee Chair

Grievance Committee Co-chair – Contract