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October is a 30-day month beginning on Wednesday, September 30th and ending on Thursday, October 29th. 


The majority of crew complements are in the low to mid 70-hour line average. ALL lines for October with the exception of 4 lines in the POR crew complement are built to the  minimum 71:00 hours or above. These ranged from a 71:46-hour average in the International 03FA crew complement to a 81:08-hour average in the International GER crew complement.  The low line averages and distribution of flying created challenges during the build. This required mixing of destinations in International flying (05FA, 03FA, 01FA and SPN) in order to meet targets and 71:00 minimum line value.


International flying:  GRU daily. LIM--4 and 5-day trips MO/TH/SA’s.  AMS--4 and 5-day trips MO/TH/SA’s.  FRA—4 and 5-day trips WE/FR/SU’s.  BOG and UIO all-night/red eye turns, MO/WE/FR/SU’s. No NLD lines in October. Return of flying to EZE on MO/WE/FR's beginning Monday the 12th.


Domestic flying: Approximately 20% of FA positions are one-day trip lines, 13% 2-day trips, 60% multi-day and 7% all-night/ red-eye flying. More than 50% reduction percentage wise in one day trip flying. A noticeable decrease of daily or close to daily turn pairings. Substantial reduction in high-time 2 leg turn flying. Large percentage increase of multi-day flying.



Beginning with the July schedules there have been changes to the bidding matrices and pairing position numbers due to the company’s recently modified staffing guidelines.  Both Domestic and International are affected.

For Domestic, there will no longer be 06 FA position base pairings. Wide-body and narrow-body flight segments will be blended into 03 FA base pairings.  Base crew FA position 02 will now work GF on all aircraft (exception 737-700 and Airbus which are staffed with only 3 FAs). Domestic 3000 range pairings which were GF will now work economy position. Any aircraft staffed with more than 4 FA positions will be covered by 4000 range pairings. For International, as a result of recently announced staffing modifications, pairing numbers and bidding positions have also changed. Refer to the August bidding matrices in the cover letters for specific work positions. Always refer to the current month bid packet matrices before bidding, if bidding for specific positions.


IAH Line Holder numbers for October 2020  

                                                                                                       Change from September

Total INTL Positions               171                +    20

Total Domestic Positions         723                   +  187

Total Positions                           894                   +  207


IAH International Positions Breakdown

                                                                                                        Change from September

International Purser         24                            + 01

Line Holders                     112                           + 21

GER Language                 07                        + 01

NLD Language                00                         - 06

POR Language                 15                             - 02

SPN Language                 13                            + 05

Total INTL positions       171                           + 20


IAH Domestic Positions Breakdown

                                                                                                Change from September

Line Holders                  685                            + 197

SPN Domestic                  38                            -    10

Total Positions              723                            + 187



A total of 9 lines for 27 line-holders in the 03 FA crew complement with an average of 89:47 hours.   A total of 4 lines in the 01 FA crew complement with an average of approximately 72:00 hours.  Approximately 39% turns/one-day trips and 61% 2-day trips.


AUS Line Holder numbers for October 2020  

                                                      Change from September

AUS 03 FA  positions      27                         + 09

AUS 01 FA  positions         4                         + 04

Total FA positions           31                         + 13


Your AFA local schedule committee appreciates feedback and is happy to answer any questions you may have

regarding line construction. Feedback/inquiries can be sent to cwise@unitedafa.org. A complete system-wide

scheduling report is available from the Central Schedule Committee (CSC) on the unitedafa.org website.  Below are

your AFA Council 42 schedule committee members.   


Cory Wise (chairperson)     Kim Hudak

Dawn Moragne                    Maria Mustafa

Nathan Mills                   


RESERVE summary for IAH and AUS



October is a 30-day month. The value of each reserve day will be 4:20. There are 4 full weekends in October. All lines were built with 16 days off with 4 restorable days. Days that can be restored are indicated with a "+". Due to the reduction of personal in IAH, we will now have 30 reserve lines, a reduction of 10 lines per month.  We used patterns for October to allow for working the same days each week, as well as patterns to maximize the number of days off in a row. It is always our goal to provide as many lines with weekends off as possible. There are 4 lines with every weekend off. One line with 3 weekends off, 9 lines with 2 weekends off, and 12 lines with 1 weekend off. There are at least 3 lines with every Friday off, at least 4  lines with every Saturday off, and at least 4 lines with every Sunday off. 


For FSL, GER, and NLD, there is only one reserve line for each base.


For POR, there are 2 reserve lines, one line with weekends off.


For SPN, there are 5 reserve lines, one line with weekends off.





Austin has 4 reserve lines. All lines were built with 12 days off. There is 1 line with weekends off.


We value your feedback and wish to build lines that not only meet company targets but provide reserves with the best possible patterns to meet your bidding needs. If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions,  

please email:   DBannister@UnitedAFA.org. 


In Solidarity,


David Bannister

Council 42 Council Rep

Local Schedule Reserve Line Build


Brandi Neal

Local Schedule Reserve Line Build

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