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LEC 42 Meeting

April 15th, 2020

11:00 AM


15700 JFK Blvd

Houston, TX 77032


Two MEC grievances have been filed on behalf of all United flight attendants. Below is detailed information from the MEC website with specifics. 

Grievance – MEC 1-20 Filed

Date: January 29, 2020

MEC 1-20 was filed last week when the Company unilaterally implemented a program designed to identify BOT-like trading activity after a Flight Attendant signs on to CCS, which subsequently restricted and improperly locked Flight Attendants who are not engaging in BOT-like activity out of CCS. Our grievance asserts that this restriction prevented Flight Attendants from exercising their contractual rights to legally trade and adjust their schedules.

Grievance – MEC 2-20 Filed

Date: January 29, 2020

As a separate and distinct dispute, this week MEC 2-20 was filed when, on January 23, 2020 at approximately 1800 CT, the hardware that supports the company’s CCS and UCrew databases experienced a hardware failure causing data corruption. During this time, Flight Attendants were not able to view their correct Master Schedules, input trades and or make any schedule adjustments. Again, Flight Attendants were not able to exercise their contractual rights to legally trade and adjust their schedules.

It is important to recognize, while the impact was the same, there were two separate and distinct events that took place affecting Flight Attendants last week. It is for this reason; Local Council Worksheets are critical to identifying the incident that precluded your ability to trade.  

In Solidarity,

Elizabeth, Beth, Candace, Gina, Rene, David and all of Council 42

AUS Negotiations Road Show

March 5th, 2020


Hyatt Place Airport

9532 Spirit of Austin Lane

Austin, TX 78719




The March flight attendant schedule month is a 30-day month, beginning Sunday March 1st and ending on Monday, March 30th. Line averages are similar to February. Daylight savings time begins + 1:00 hour on Sunday March 8th at 2:00 a.m.  Europe daylight savings time begins Sunday March 29th at 2:00 a.m.


Line averages are between 74:36—80:26 hours among crew complements.

Increase in all-nighter/red-eye flying from 9.5% of line-holders in February to 17.5% of line-holders for March. 



Line averages are between 77:23–-83:28 hours among the crew complements.

Base crew 05 FAs was the same line average as last month at 79:43 resulting in similar mixing of destinations as in February in order to get to our quota (FA numbers). Line average in the 01FA crew comp was 2 hours less than February which resulted in a slight increase in mixed destinations/positions in order to reach the quota. The quotas/line averages of the Language crew comps were similar to March ranging from 79:27 in SPN to 83:28 in NLD. 


Changes: SYD goes to 5-7 day pairing after the 5th of March. No-op on SU 15th, TU 17th, and SA 28th.



Line Holder numbers for February 2020:

                                                                 Change from February

International Positions            750                 -    08

Domestic Positions                1086                 + 112

Total Positions                       1836                +  104


International Position Breakdown:     Change from February

International Purser                   87                -  03

Line holders                             480                -  03

Dutch language                         11                 no change

German language                      26                 + 01

Japanese language.                    28                 -  01

Portuguese language                 45                 -  01

Spanish language INTL            73                 -  01

Total International Positions   750                 -  08


Domestic Position Breakdown:       Change from February

Line holders                             1029               + 114

Spanish language DOM             57                 -   02

Total Domestic Positions        1086               + 112



Total of 71 FA line holders for March which is decrease of 8 from February.  This number does not include any VRL or reserve move-ups. We were given a quota of 21 lines (63 FAs) in the 3p’s FA crew complement with a line average of 80:55 and 8 lines (8 FAs) in the 01FA crew comp with a line average of 77:41. 


Your AFA local schedule committee appreciates feedback and is happy to answer any questions you may have regarding line construction. Feedback/inquiries can be sent to A complete system-wide scheduling report is available from the Central Schedule Committee (CSC) on the website.  Below are your AFA Council 42 schedule committee members.   


Cory Wise (chairperson)     Kim Hudak

Dawn Moragne                   Bettina Jordan

Nathan Mills                       Maria Mustafa



Reserve lines for March:


March is a 30-day month so we again returned to patterns to help give as many weekends off as possible. You will see the 4 day on 3 day off pattern, 6 day on 4 day off pattern, as well as the long stretch of days off. 2 off 10 off and 2 off, 2 off, 8 off. Our goal was to maximize the number of lines with weekends off while trying to reduce the number of 6-day blocks. The company again allowed for lines with more days off. There are 4 lines with 13 day off, 3 lines with 14 days off, and 1 line each with 15 and 16 days off. For purser and language, where possible we provided a weekend off line as well as a line with 13 days off.



For Austin, with only 8 lines, it is very difficult to provide true patterns. We tried to provide a line with weekends off as well as a line with 13 days off. All other lines were built to meet the company targets.


Please continue to provide feedback to




David Bannister

Candace Mills

Brandi Neal