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April 15th, 2020

11:00 AM




These are extraordinary and unprecedented times we are experiencing in the airline industry and the world. For the committee, this build period for April schedules is unlike anything we have seen before. After multiple changes (daily and at times even hourly) to aircraft scheduling and delays to our build period, we finally received the revised pairings on March 21st for a 24 hour build period which has just concluded. 

April lines constructed by your Local Schedule Committees are based on the parameters established by management.  Bid line values very low this month as the reduced amount of flying is distributed to keep all of us working and on the payroll during this period of adversity.


April is a 31-day month beginning Tuesday, March 31st and ending Thursday, April 30th. 

IAH: There will be no International flying for IAH for the April schedule.  There will be a total of 1739 Domestic Flight Attendant positions (minus 97 positions from March). The breakdown is: 1712- line holder positions and 27 positions in SPN Domestic. Bid line averages range from 29:25- 33:53 hours. Reserve: All reserve lines were built with 16 days off. ** The days on the bid packet that show a “+” are restorable allowing each reserve to return their guarantee to 78:00 hours. **There are 10 purser reserve lines and 2 Spanish reserve lines.

AUS: There are a total of 66 Flight Attendant positions for April (minus 5 positions from March). This number does not include any VRL or reserve move-ups. We were given a quota of 17 lines (51 FAs) in the 3p’s FA crew complement with a line average of 33:30 and 15 lines (15 FAs) in the 01FA crew comp with a line average of 36:54. 

Reserve: All reserve lines were built with 16 days off. ** The days on the bid packet that show a “+” are restorable allowing each reserve to return their guarantee to 78:00 hours.


**Keep in mind when reading the above information and bid line average values for April that the negotiated Section 4.C of our contract states “A Flight Attendant awarded any line with less than seventy-one hours (71:00) original flight time line projection will be pay protected up to seventy-one hours (71:00).  (This is known as a “Minimum”)

Ex:  If your awarded bid line is worth 48:00 hours your guarantee will be 48:00 hours and your minimum will be 71:00. If you trade into a higher value trip or pick- up, all time goes toward the guarantee.  You decide to pick up a 4-day 26:00 hour pairing which increases your guarantee to 74:00 (48:00 + 26:00). Because your guarantee is greater than the minimum you will be paid for that.

EX. Your bid line is 45:00 hours, your line minimum will be 71:00. If you trade down to a lower time trip the guarantee and line minimum will change by the value of the trip. This also applies when you drop a trip.  For this example let’s say your bid line is 45 hours:  3 -15:00 hour trips. You drop one 15:00 hour trip, your guarantee is now 30:00 (45:00- 15:00) and your minimum is now 56:00 (71:00-15:00). You now decide to drop one more 15:00 hour trip. Your guarantee is now 15:00 (30:00-15:00) hours and your minimum is now 41:00 (56:00-15:00). You will be paid the greater of the two which is 41:00.

Minimum: Line holder 71:00, Reserve 78:00.

Your minimum never increases but will decrease when dropping pairings or when trip trading for pairings with lower values.

Your minimum will be reduced when you drop or trade a trip from your line for a trip with a lower value. The value will NOT go up if you add a trip to your schedule or trade for a higher value trip.

Guarantee: Provides pay protection for all pairings by guaranteeing the dollar value of hourly flight pay and hourly overrides. 

Guarantee will change when you trade or drop trips from your schedule by the value of the trip.

Further communication regarding this month’s lines will be sent out by the MEC in the news communication E-lines. If you or your friends are not signed up to receive this to your email please go to and subscribe.

Your AFA local council 42 schedule committee members:

Cory Wise (chairperson).   Kim Hudak                       Dawn Moragne          

Bettina Jordan.                 Nathan Mills                       Maria Mustafa    

David Bannister (reserve)   Brandi Neal (reserve)